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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I know which extensions are right for me?

We suggest scheduling a consultation with one of our stylists to determine which method, length, thickness, and color is perfect for you. Tape-ins are a semi-permanent method. They remain bound to your own hair with adhesive strips until they are professionally removed. The Halo Extension is a temporary track that can be removed and replaced as often as you wish on your own time and schedule. Wear it all day or just for a special occasion.  

How do I maintain my extensions?

Tape-In method: Requires maintenance every 4-6 weeks. This includes removing the extensions, cleaning & retabbing the adhesives from the hair once removed, and reinstalling into clean hair. 

Halo method: Halo Extensions are fastened to a miracle wire that can be installed and removed anytime you wish. The miracle wire sits about an inch to three inches behind your hairline and the back of the hair extensions slides down just under the occipital bone. The weight of your natural hair lying on top of the Halo Extension, will keep it secure and in place.

All extension hair is 100% cuticle remy human hair. Which means the hair's most outer layer is intact. In order to preserve this layer and the extensions entirely, we highly suggest the following:

•Professional care hair products should be used to treat the hair. 

•Avoid at-home coloring of any kind.

•Lightly brush often to avoid tangling. 

•Use a professional deep conditioner or mask once a week to keep the cuticle soft and manageable. 

•Avoid products with high protein content. Too much protein can actually cause breakage. 

•Always apply a professional thermal protectant when applying heat of any kind. 

•Always turn your heat appliances to the lowest temperature first to avoid burning the hair. 

How often do I need to replace my extensions?

We recommend replacing tape-ins every 6 months, depending on the integrity of the hair and how well the hair is maintained. 

Halos can last 9+ months, depending on how frequently it is worn.

Can I swim in my extensions?

We highly recommend NOT swimming in chlorinated or chemically altered water with extensions. The harsh chemicals can damage the hair and cause it to become brittle. Swimming can also heavily tangle the hair. 

How much do extensions cost?

Extensions vary in price depending on the color, length, and method. The hair itself is typically a one-time financial commitment, price determined at time of consultation.

There are two fees associated with the purchase of extensions. A $25 consultation fee, applied towards future extension purchase and a $25 shipping charge. Both are non-refundable. Each tape-in maintenance visit is $150.  If a haircut is needed to blend with the extension hair, then the cost of a haircut is additional. 

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