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Spray Tan Package





•Includes 5 full body spray tans



•5th one is FREE or save 20%



Appointments are necessary so we can assure that our technicians are available for you.  They airbrush you by hand, for a more personal experience and glow!


  • Shower, shave, exfoliate the night before for best results.

  • Arrive with clean, dry skin, avoiding lotions, oils, perfumes, deodorant, and makeup.

  • Having a clean, fresh service allows your tan to last longer.

  • Wear dark, loose clothing to your appointment.

  • Avoid wearing anything tight to the skin. ex. clothing, bras, wristbands, leather, nylon, wool, silk, jewelry.

  • Avoid waxing, sugaring, facials, or dermabrasion within 24 hours of tanning.


  • Wait at least 6 to 8 hours before showering.

  • The bronzer will wash off the first time you shower, this is normal.

  • Avoid perspiring, washing hands, applying moisturizer, and any water activities until your first shower.

  • Allow cracks and crevices, ex. inside elbows or behind the knees to dry completely.


     Pull hair off of face and neck.

  • Wear what is cozy for you. ex bathing suit

  • The bronzer in the tanning solution may rub off on clothing. It is water soluable and will wash out of most fabrics.

  • We recommend you hold your breathe during the facial spraying. The solution is not harmful but some prefer to not breathe in the mist.


  • Moisturize at least twice a day.

  • Hydrating your skin makes your tan last longer.

  • Alcohol based products tend to dry out the skin, fading your tan. We recommend a tan-extending lotion.

  • Avoid long hot baths or showers, making sure to pat dry, not rub.

  • Avoid bleach, exfoliating, and hair removal.

  • Pools and hot tubs can cause your tan to fade. Use a waterproof sunscreen prior to the sun and swimming.

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