Neck Massage

A soothing massage with moderate pressure that relieves stress and tension. 

30 minute      $49
60 minute      $79
90 minute      $99

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Cups create space in the muscle tissue by lifting with suction, providing space for fresh circulation and freedom of movement, relieving pain and tightness. Can surface blood to the skin, leaving light bruising and/or marking.

60 minute                         $89
Upgrade your 60 minute relaxation         +$10

Stones Massage

Promotes deep muscle release through the placement and use of smooth, heated stones at key points on the body. 

60 minute                         $89
Upgrade with 60 minute relaxation          +$10


Essential Oils- Can calm sore muscles, relieve pain, promote circulation, relieve anxiety and stress. Clear sinuses and congestion. Scents may vary. Ask your therapist for options at time of visit. 

Biofreeze- A menthol gel that soothes muscles, joint aches, and arthritis pain.          


inhalation-   $6

topical-        $10


topical-        $10

Pressure Point Massage

Manipulation of the muscles and tissue through a more intense and extreme pressure. Great for athletes. 

60 minute                         $89
Upgrade your 60 minute relaxation         +$10


Buy 4 massages-

receive the 5th for FREE.

SAVE 20%

Package services must be paid in full and redeemed within one year of purchase. 


30 minute               $196

60 minute               $316

90 minute               $396

Hot Stone


60 minute             $356

Deep Tissue


60 minute             $356

Sales tax will be added at time of purchase.