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Eyebrow Lamination


Eyebrow Lamination is the ultimate three-step treatment meant to straighten and lift natural eyebrows.  This amazing treatment was designed to give the illusion of fuller, more defined eyebrows. Eyebrow Lamination is a noninvasive alternative to Microblading. It has phenomenal staying power, as results can last up to 8 weeks. Say goodbye to those pesky pencils and powders.


Step 1 - Lift.       Step 2 - Neutralize.       Step 3 - Moisturize. 

Lamination & Tint

Add a pop of color to enrich the appearance of your newly lifted brows. 


Ultimate Lamination 

Laminate, tint, and wax for thee perfect shaped brow.



Eyebrow Tint

Simple tint touchup.

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